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September 19, 2012


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You use the term far left, I don't think that means what you think it means.
I have lived in N America for 13 years now and have yet to meet even a moderate leftist in all those years.
Here there are right and even further to the right types.
All major parties are pro capitalist, low taxes, no need to pay for what you buy types who pass debt onto the next generation. Even the Liberals here were all all corporate guys or beholding to corporate guys and while they showed more fiscal responsibility than the current bunch of spend and increase the debt Harper folk, they were a far cry from even being centrist.
You do know that the NCC, AEI and all the other corporate welfare types are not good sources of information about what consititutes socialist behaviour; they've never met one either.

Plant Guy

Sorry dude, but Romney is going to lose. I don't say this because I'm an Obama fan. Far from it. With this economy the Republicans should have been able to run a crash test dummy and win. Romney was a poor choice for candidate.He can't connect with voters on the right or in the middle.Looking competent is O.K. if you're looking for a CEO job, but Americans want their leaders to be a bit more inspirational. If your only appeal is that you're not the other guy you shouldn't expect to win.


Dear harebell:

"You use the term far left, I don't think that means what you think it means.
I have lived in N America for 13 years now and have yet to meet even a moderate leftist in all those years."

Sounds like you haven't been on a university campus in the 13 years you have been here.


Plant Guy.

You should stop paying attention to the polls. Polls are used to discourage voter turn out. If you want to know where the polls really are (the ones that we never see)you have to look at actions. Why release a [possibly]damaging video in September, instead of October, as in "October Surprise"? Because the Obama campaign was desperate to take heat off of Obama's mid-east debacle. By the way, Obama has suddenly decided to attend security briefings. Closing the barn door after the cows have gone anybody?


Dear harebell:

If you want to see pics of North American left-wing extremists in action, just peruse some of the articles by Zombie (http://pjmedia.com/zombie ). He regularly does photoarticles on left-wing marches in SF and Berkeley.

Revealing, no?


Romney's 47% was perfect, only the left think its insulting because they are insulted by their own guilt.
Every normal person would never ever consider themselves part of the 47% even if they were.
Its red meat for the base and any blue collar worker thinks his taxes too high already. They also think they're getting ripped off by the freeloaders.
Its a winner slogan. Fairness for the 53.

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