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October 04, 2012


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Looks as though the "real" Romny has finally come out, just in time for the first debate. It almost looks as though he has been playing possum all this time, including the primaries.

It would be nice if the release of the latest video was just the first such release of several (as you also hope), and was coordinated with breitbart.com. What a legacy Breitbart would leave. The total destruction of Obama, and the Democrat party along with him.


There are a number of things the sycophant media do for Obama.
1. They try to make him look good.
2. They deflect criticism
3. They define his opponent is negative ways
4. They manipulate the news to be favorable to their guy.
5. Most importantly they spike negative news and the real opinion and demeanor of his opponent.

Romney was unknown because the only was to get to know him remained in Obama's camp. Its really no surprise that Obama couldn't debate a girl scout on a cookie drive.

The real Romney was always there, you just can't see him through the smoke screen.

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