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December 20, 2012


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Again what utter nonsense. It is not just the left who supports gun control, most on the right in every other developed country save the US support it. We have strong regulations for automobiles such as licencing, registeration, and rules to follow when driving, so I don't understand why something that is meant primarily to kill as opposed to other uses shouldn't have equally if not more stringent rules. I am not fearful of higher levels of gun ownership just out of fear, I am fearful because I have seen the stats which show more guns means more murders. I don't wish to promote policies that will lead to a higher murder rate and before you go on about how murder rates are lower with lax gun laws, explain to me why the US which has lax gun laws has a murder rate three times that of Canada, four times that of Britain and Australia, and five times that of Germany?

David Stewart

Hey you erased my comment on conservative MPs being muzzled. What is this quebecor or fox?


I read through your comment twice and still didn't understand what the point was, so I didn't post it.


Monkey - The US has 1 tenth the the murder rate as Venezuela, where private ownership of firearms is 100% banned. That is one very strong reason for more gun ownership. You are just not looking at the statistics. Switzerland has the highest gun ownership per capita in the world and has no measurable murder rate.

I've told you this before. How can you be so obtuse? Get with the program.


Monkey - Just re-reading your post and I can't help but wonder if the Cincinnatus wasn't talking about you when he suggested that people who fear guns are actually exhibiting latent homophobia.

Any truth to this? Don't feel you need to answer this question to anybody publicly. I think it is a personal issue that should be dealt with privately. Perhaps with professional help.

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