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January 07, 2013


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Are we really supposed to throw our hats in the air in celebration?

Will it be any different the next time somebody defends themselves? Are they any less likely to be busted and dragged through the courts, at huge expense?


I would have done the same thing as Ian except I would have finished them off. 99.9999% of canadians would have done the same thing. Now that we have Mr. Harper as leader we can be assured that we now have the right to self defence.


Funny how fortunes change. Americans are now on the opposite course.


Unfortunately the Crown and Police are responsible but are not accountable for all the harm, costs and damages they cause to the innocent. I personally have heard the crown admit that the gun laws are confusing and they don't understand them. To me thats an admittance of incompetance, yet they continue to be judge jury and executioner so the charged has to prove him or herself innocent. When it comes to firearms, a conclusion is made that they are always guilty 'till proven innocent. Its not whether one is innocent or guilty, its whether they can afford it...

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