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January 10, 2013


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Yup - Bring it on!

Rick Fuschi

When Obama decides to strong-arm his gun control he will accomplish what every prohibition bears. The honest market will go underground with the dishonest, and the criminals and nutcases won't be the least deterred. We did it with the registry, now it's their turn to invent the square wheel. But it's great optics for group-hug set.


Wyoming and other states are already preempting any executive order by passing 2nd amendment laws protected by the 10th amendment.
This even includes the arrest and imprisonment of federal officers trying to enforce any presidential decree.
The die is set, the lots cast, the movement of the gears is slowly winding up.
The outcome could be quite dire.


Once all the hoo-hah dies down, the final outcome could be quite fortuitous.

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