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February 21, 2013


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Thanks for the tip on two books. It's depressing to read about the present, so a little look at the good old days is just what the doctor ordered.

Dan Mancuso

Whom ever you are. I will be searching for M. Sclaes' book on FDR, sounds fascinating.I always figured he(FDR)was a communist.
I have a question; I heard Conrad Black say, in promoting his biography of FDR, that FDR saved America in the depression. This shocked me. Especially when you consider that M. Black is a media baron, the epitomy of a capitalist success story - or rather was...
I haven't read his very thick looking tome - yet.
Could you comment on this, to me, seeming anomaly please. Having read your wonderfull insights 'from a Canadian perspective', regularly,I would value your input. Thank you.
Dan Mancuso
Chilanko Forks, BC


Hi Dan:

Glad you like my commentary.

With regard to Conrad Black, he wrote a huge doorstop of a book on FDR. I have heard that he is favourable towards the FDR administration. I can't comment on it as I haven't read it and I have no idea on how he reconciles this with his belief in the free market system.

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