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February 14, 2013


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Nicola T.

Well we only have to see how the media has played over and over again the video of Mario Rubio drinking water out of a bottle.


Maybe it's time conservative polititions learned that it is counter productive to talk to the media at all. Harper did this to great effect helping him win a majority. It's time for a new normal, where politicians make speeches and the reporters report on that.

Bill D

I find the author's lead here intriguing; there just might be something to it.
In the Canadian context we consumers and people outside the political realm have the same problems with our media.
Worthy of special mention when talking about media with an agenda and bias is the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., a state-owned entity at the national level. It's one thing for a privately owned broadcaster to express a particular POV and slant on events, but quite another for one which is paid for by taxpayers and is supposed to serve the public evenhandedly. The CBC should be shunned by viewers and listeners, and complaints made to government about this broadcaster's policies and behavior.

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