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February 25, 2013


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Saddly, nothing was learned on 9/11.

Instead of restoring 2nd Amendment rights on airplanes (something that would have prevented the mass murder of almost 3000) the oh-so-wise polititians banned all sharp objects. Now we have to wonder, if the time comes again to rise up and defend ourselves, will we have the tools to do it? Not on an airplane.

We are still sheep.


Very good policy.......


I have to disagree with Wiseguy. Airplanes are not like other scenarios, they are virtually flying culverts at 30,000 feet. There is amply opportunity to screen would be passengers of harmful stuff, however, I do agree that letting citizens carry normal stuff is the right thing to do. Small knives and scissors being an example. One other thing, nobody has mentioned profiling. It is the best way to help ensure safety but is also the most politically incorrect. I'm for profiling all the way, a body scan of an 75 year old Caucasian is just plain stupid.

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