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March 06, 2013


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Totally agree.




U of Calagry dumped Flanagan. That is rock solid conservative country. Good grief. This wasn't political correctness. Who wants to associate with a guy in favour of pedophilia and child abuse.


Dear Robert:

I have news for you, no university campus constitutes "rock solid conservative country" whether the campus be in Calgary or Caracas.

Fred from BC

"Who wants to associate with a guy in favour of pedophilia and child abuse."

That's exactly the kind of knee-jerk political correctness that this post speaks about. Think before you post, Robert...

Dan Mancuso

I respect Mr. Flanagan for his insight, intelligence and courage to address unpopular issues. I agree with what Canadian Cincinnatus says about the above hysteria surrounding this incident. Mr. Flanagan was correct in asserting people shouldn't be prosecuted for looking at pictures that harm no one. BUT, in this instance - child pornagrahpy - someone is harmed, children!
I believe, deeply, in the right of free speech and free expression. I also acknowledge there are a very few limitations on those rights, or exceptions to the rule, like shouting fire in a crowded theatre AND producing child porn. Since you can't produce child porn with out exploiting and damaging children, child porn is rightfully illegal and should be condemned by society. Mr. Flanagan's mistake was in not clarifying this difference at the time he said it.


Calgary is a hotbed of liberalism? It's knee jerk to avoid associating with pedophiles? What is wrong with you? Do you stand for anything?


The willies Party fired Flanagan too. They clearly are a bunch of liberal kneejerk reactionaries.


Dear Frank:

Please read carefully the views of others before you object to them.

Nobody is advocating for pedophilia (including Tom Flanagan); nobody is "associating with pedophiles" (including Tom Flanagan); and nobody said that "Calgary is a hotbed of liberalism." With regard to the latter comment, I was discussing the University of Calgary, which is clearly distinct entity from the City of Calgary.

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