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March 04, 2014


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Your last words say it all and was what I was about to write.

Calgary Flame

Russia is highly integrated as a natural gas provider to Europe. All of Europe can be hurt if Russia turns off the pipelines.

This is an extremely complicated mess, as you point out.


"the other members, the original G-7, have much larger economies with electoral democracies, free markets and the rule of law"

fair point, but the Russian economy is, strictly speaking, larger than both Italy and Canada


Dear anon:

While you are indeed correct, mitigating that is the fact that while Russia has 1.2 times Canada's GDP, it needed 4.1 times Canada's population. This is important. It means much more of its GDP needs to be devoted to basic subsistence and is therefore unavailable for superpower status-seeking activities.

old white guy

russia has a treaty that allows for up to 25000 troops and various sizes and numbers of equipment in the ukraine. they have a navl base in the crimea.so far all their actions have not violated a signed treaty.


Yeah, just like the fact that the US has a base in Okinawa allows the US military to surround Japanese military bases and seal off internal Japanese borders and interfere with internal politics.

What a dolt.

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