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March 05, 2014


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don morris

Putin had to be a Machiavellian schemer to survive in the world of Soviet Intelligence.That he made it to Lieu.-Colonel proves he had a great many positive attributes, intelligence,foresight, abetted by a goodly amount of paranoia.

Currently, he faces professional politicians whose greatest stress test in life was whether they could fool enough voters to elect them.

Putin today is in a political class of his own, and unfortunately the only other players of the same caliber are the leaders of China.

Anyone who's ever read Solzhenitsyn's books has an idea of the Russian mindset, but I doubt if Obama ever read them.

It's unfortunate we in the West have grown more decadent since WW2, and now we elect people with little to no world experience in anything but politics.

Putin will not start a war, he is intelligent enough to know just how far he can push, and as he's winning the battle for financial European dominance, why would he bother? Russian people don't like having their sons come home in body bags any more than we do.


Is Putin crazy? well yes of course he is! But he's still not even near as crazy as the most moderate jihadists that is currently living in Canada and the U.S. Always remember that the threat of an Islamic attack always lays from within. It will be our own citizens just like the 19 hijackers on 9/11, the Boston bombers and of course our own khaddar family who lives in Toronto.

So yeah one could infer that Putin aint that crazy I suppose.

It would be nice if Harper spoke out against the terrorists in our own country as tough as he spoke out against Putin. But I guess that would not be politically correct tho!


I have had some contact with Ukrainians over the past year and what you are overlooking is the Ukrainian mistrust of the EU. There is considerable opposition there to the pro Europe forces, hidden in the West by propaganda-level suppression. They have observed how Europe is forcing central control, including moslem immigration, on the formerly independent European states, and they don't want any part of it. While I understand the concern over Putin, I am also wary of the borderline communists of the EU and the unapologetic communists of the Obama administration.

I think it is a mistake to look at the Russians from a strictly cold war perspective. At this point they are the only nation, communist or otherwise, who recognize the Islamic threat, and have the political will to resist it.

The line separating the good guys from the bad guys has certainly blurred over the last 14 years. For me the bad guys now are Islamic (with, tragically, Western allies), and victory will require strange bedfellows.


There is a world of difference between "borderline communists" and real communists.


The whole or Parts of "the"Ukraine have been in the Russian empire since the days of Ivan the Terrible and Catherine the Great. For the last five centuries or so Russia has considered the Ukraine as part of their hegemony. So why is anyone surprised when Putin the Russian would move to secure this part of what he considers Russian territory within what he considers the Russian sphere.
When it comes to realpolitic, Putin is playing with children and he knows it.

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