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June 09, 2014


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Alberta Dude

Harper is the master of controlling his base.mit is why we will have Conservtive governments for decades. He plays chess...


Good thoughts. And the more you think about the more examples come to mind. Sadly all of them Conservative.
Why do they keep thinking that if you play nice, your enemies will start to love you.
The only Conservative who keeps giving the finger to the left is our friend Stephen. And you know? He's going to be re elected again.
The man protects his base.


You may well be on to something, though I am unprepared to give up this election yet. An incident not given enough attention, was the letter from prominent NDPers, criticizing Horwath for not accepting such a "progressive" budget.People like Judy Rebick and Michele Landsberg both signees, were very upset with Horwath. This would go some way towards explaining the poor numbers for Horwath in the critical Toronto ridings. Union and activist support seems to be going to Wynne in an effort to stop Hudak at all cost. Hudak needs Horwath to do well here and in other city ridings.


interesting analysis. I always thought that the voters were just getting stupider. Your theory makes more sense. We need to learn from this.


A brilliant analysis! Of course this explains why Obama continues to double down on his "transform America" agenda. You do understand the implications for democracy in the Western world. As our media, the entertainment establishment and the educational system continue to affect young generations, our society will continue to move to the left and the "base" for Canadian Liberals and US Democrats will ultimately move us towards fascist tyranny.

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