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August 26, 2014


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Hudak's problem was 'acting without thinking through consequences'.
As evidence, consider his statement in the election before this one.
‘What Ontario needs are chain gangs to reduce costs!’
What he should have been saying is that we will reduce costs and carefully examine all expenditures.
Naturally, the press latched onto the chain-gangs statement and it was 'off to the races.' The whole mess was ludicrous and diverted that election from the platform that was not clearly delivered.
In the last election, the claim that 100,000 jobs would be cut was suicidal...now every gov’t employee ....EVERY ONE!....became an enemy along with their families....and the hired-guns economists had a concrete number to attack....all good fodder for the media carrion eaters.
Hudak’s platforms both had an idea pulled from his nether regions.......he ran them up the flagpole and stood smiling , claiming that they were wonderful things! Obviously , his ideas were never fully vetted before he spoke. ( If they were vetted ...there is no hope and the top level of the party needs to be fired.) What we had was the conservative version of “oh look....a shiny thing!!!”.

Here is the election platform that would have won the last election:-
- This election is about massive fiscal irresponsibility ....your tax dollars have been wasted on a monstrous scale. We will be presenting a detailed report on the waste.
We are going to fix those problems.
There will be a complete review of government spending and we will enact measures to stop waste.
- We will look at business taxes in Ontario with the aim of reducing them in order to stimulate job growth.
- Energy generation will be totally rethought...YOU ARE PAYING TOO MUCH FOR ENERGY and our goal is to make energy as cheap as possible...not as expensive as possible.

-We will not be discussing issues other those listed as those the over riding, central concerns.


Good analysis, Rich.

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