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September 24, 2014


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Wow, I think your analysis misses the mark. 10 years ago real Canadian conservatives were against multiculturalism, gay marriage and abortion. Where are conservatives on those issues now? Crushed by red tories and the left. Harper and Co. run from the abortion issue. They refuse to reconsider gay marriage and support multiculturalism.

The only issue that Liberals and Red Tories failed to win was to convince conservatives not to run deficits. As history shoes, Chretien/Martin had 8 successive balanced budgets and Harper ran the largest deficits in history (adding 25% to the national debt).

Conservatives appears to be a movementg that is 10 years behind where red tories and the left are.

The next issue that conservatives will lose: decriminalization of marijuana. And after they lose it they will say they were for it all along, like gay marriage.

TJ Speller

I agree with the notion that a swing 5-10% of the vote wins each election. How to get that 5-10% is the job of political strategists and party leadership. So far I am not impressed with how the CPC is doing on that front, but it's (hopefully) a year to the next election.

I also worry that the CPC Is losing the base with the "who else can they vote for" arrogance that comes with being in power for too long. Losing the base doesn't just mean they won't vote for you. It also means they may bother to show up and vote, but they won't donate or participate in your campaign. The base are the most motivated group, and if you lose their energy and effort, you lose far more out of proportion to the number of votes lost.

I would argue it's better to lose the red tories than to lose the base. Red tories killed the PC party, and will kill the CPC in the future if allowed to turn the party into Liberal-lite (not that we're not half way there already).

Despite some disappointments I, for one, have been a strong supporter of the CPC until now, but will not indefinitely support a CPC that drifts back to what the old and happily dead PC party used to be. To me, "progressive" is a dirty word.

P.S. Happy1's comment is obviously that of a Liberal partisan, and has no relevance to actual conservatives who can spot the lies.

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