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August 28, 2015


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Fran Auger

Ms Kelly has transcended her role as moderator and become a self promoter - she is becoming boring and predicable. The goalposts keep moving to fit the flavour of the day. Her goal is to garner an offer of maximum money. When she is gone - I look forward to the rising stars of Shannon Bream, Andrea Tantaros and Martha Maccallum being offered a nightly, primetime slot.


Megyn is very, very good.
I disagree with Fran completely. As far as right or left wing, that is easy, just watch the show, she gets quite hostile to left wingers who just want to spin.
She also worked for Sam Alito.
I don't think anyone thinks Alito is a lefty.
If she moves on, she moves on, so what. I'm guessing that she'll stay.

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