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November 06, 2015


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Don Morris

I have for years proselytized for the CPC and Reform to gun owners I meet at the Range,and have been disappointed about half the time.

Many members are up on the various Parties and their take on guns, but too many have NO idea, and aren't interested in "politics".
I explain it to them, give them internet links, but figure it's just a waste of time and they're humoring an old guy.

We lost. Now,I hope some of the brass at the various associations have the sense to invite the new PM out to a sportsman's banquet and the shooting Range,and let him see who we are and what we're all about.

Like him or not,he's the new man in charge and we won't do much by hiding and hoping it will all just go away.


Except most of the ridings you would expect to turn blue went blue anyway (rural). Higher turnout from the opposition is more likely to blame than people who were allegedly lazy. Why point fingers at our own community?


Dear Anonymous:

1. The riding where I volunteered in did go Conservative in the last election. The Conservative MP did go down in defeat there.

2. I have been a shooting rights activist since the early 90's. In the 90's gun owners had been energized by Alan Rock and Kim Campbell. I saw that firsthand back then. There simply wasn't the energy this time around. The apathy I speak of I witnessed firsthand. I saw the difference with my own eyes. I believe this was due to complacency.

You are right that I am pointing fingers at my own community, but I do so onIy because the shooting community needs to do better if it is to survive.

Telling ourselves feel-good falsehoods does us no good in the long run.


Nobody is going to confiscate your guns. Your just being silly. If Harper thought thatched possible he would have put laws in place to protect gun ownership. He didn't because it is not ever going to happen.


Dear Henry:

Do you not know of all the guns that were declared prohibited in the 90's?


Cincinatus, you don't know what a prohibited weapon is. Inform yourself so you can stop embarrassing yourself. Handguns and automatic weapons are prohibited. Harper had 9 years to make assault rifles legal and he chose not to.


Dear Henry:
1. We'll never go to war (circa 1938).
2. Women will never get the vote (circa 1910, and glad that got defeated).
3. We'll never have gay marriage.
4. We'll never have gay scout leaders.
5. We'll never have transgendered bathrooms.

Get the idea?


Dear Henry:

I know exactly what a prohibited forearm is because I am grandfathered for may such categories. But it appears you are confused about the subject so let me school you:

To pick one category at random, pistols with bbl's of 4" or less are prohibs. Another prohib category is pistols of 25 or 32 caliber (with exceptions give by OIC to target pistols in 32 S&W Long). All were classified as prohibited by Alan Rock's C-68 in 1998.

In contrast, all other handguns are restricted, not prohibited. So your assertion that all handguns are prohibited is factually incorrect.

My point is that the federal gov't can declare other categories of guns prohibited because they have done so in the recent past.


What a bunch of fearmongering losers.


Dear Ted:

Did you not see the report I linked to?

What do you think of that?


Cinci: I see the usual hoplophobic trolls show up to post any time the gun issue is raised. I have learned a few things about them over the years - primarily they don’t know squat about existing firearms statute and they are ignorant of the RCMP’s long term record of abusive enforcement, regulating and malicious prosecution of legally licenced firearms owners. Their arguments are largely fallacy based in ignorance. Both you and I now know it does no good to say “we told you so” to deluded morons and self-abasing fools after informed predictions come true. These people do not merit our concern because they are isolated from the effects of abusive regulating and have no stake in the issue. They are either oblivious to an encroaching police state bureaucratic tyranny or welcome it , so their opinion means less than ant poop to those who are engaged in keeping some semblance of civil liberty and ethical rule of law alive in the Dominion.

Firearms owners organizations members sitting on the parliamentary advisory group have an ear to the ground on what the RCMP are planning. The agenda on their plate, now the political climate is clear to use their arbitrary power of firearms reclassification, is to defacto “ban” a number of commonly owned sporting long arms by moving them from unrestricted to restricted and later to prohibited status. They may move hand guns from restricted to prohibited grandfathered status and stop any future sales. Of course there will be no Charter-required “demonstrable justification” for this law change but none is being called for as it can be done without parliamentary or judicial oversight by police bureaucrats and 1 lone liberal cabinet minister.

By moving unrestricted long arms to restricted, you MUST register them to keep them, just like a hand gun, and get a transport permit to take it to only a restricted firearms licenced range to shoot them (effectively making a lot of good hunting, target and pest control firearms into boat anchors and destroying resale value). Also they will be recording all sales of ammunition and reloading components against PALs on a central data base so they will know what unrestricted firearms you own by the ammo you are buying/reloading – between these two arbitrary changes in the regulations they will have created a back door long gun registry data base so they can confiscate these restricted long guns and hand guns when they move them to prohibited status or if you fail to grandfather register them.
It’s an underhanded and contemptuous way to deal with people but one we have come to expect from Ottawa firearms program administrators.

They (unelected firearms bureaucrats) can do this with the existing regulatory authority left them in the un-amended Firearms Act because Harper was too stupid (or chicken) to repeal or rewrite S 117 of the FA when his party FA legal experts advised him to move the classification powers to open parliament and away from unaccountable bureaucrats who were abusing the power. The RCMP will probably do this with the blessing of the Liberal Justice and security ministers and without the need for parliamentary oversight or agreement. They will do so because they have openly stated civilian disarmament is a key aspect of their UN compliant policy agenda, and the RCMP bureaucrats will do it because it expands their political power and budgets – but no you and I are just “bitter paranoid losers” – who have millions of Canadians to keep us company in our well founded mistrust of Liberal ethics and agendas.

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