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November 16, 2015


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It didn't take very long for Trudeau to confirm the truth behind the prescient "He's not ready", Conservative election ads.


Assumed that Jr is far to self obsessed to admit an error of judgment even during a campaign, where are the 183 MPs making up his caucus? If they took a determined, principles stand, he could be forced into changing course. Who would complain if the time frame were stretched till June, or the numbers lessened a bit?
The only thing driving this reckless policy is his own arrogance and immaturity.

Fran Auger

How do you vet refugees when the country of origin has not had a functioning government for years? The passports are bogus. The majority of refugees are young men - not women and children - this is a recipe for disaster. The Liberals are gutless wonders - they will kill up all.


You realize it will be up to alternative media to hold his feet to the fire and keep the finger pointed at the sole accessory to the violence committed against Canadians by unvetted migrants fro a ISIS controlled state.

The consensus media party will be actively sanitizing the situation and deflecting blame for the boy blunder as the bodies pile up from his reckless importation of ISIS operatives posing as refugees.


Dear Pootz:

Yes I do. Hence my article.



Is Trudeau working for Canada or is he bonded to s promise he made too:

Scaramouche: Reason #739 To Not Vote for Justin Trudeau ...


Reason #739 To Not Vote for Justin Trudeau: In a Bid to Gain Power, He's Promising to Open the Floodgates to Arab/Muslim Immigration ... immigration plus ...

Don Morris

The jihadists may not come to Canada and commit terrorist acts here, at least they won't if their leaders are paying attention to what's happening in Canada.
We have a progressive government of weaklings,and in the mix there are 11 Muslim MP's, 10 in the LPC.
If the current MP's convince Trudeau to bring over even more "refugees", by next election, there should be enough Muslims in Canada to elect another 5 or 10 MP's.

With astute lobbying and block voting,the Muslims should be able to convince the PM to allow Sharia law in the Muslim communities in Canada.

From this strong base, within a generation the Muslims should hold enough influence over the two main political Parties they will have de facto control of the Country.

Maybe jihadis won't act up here, they should inherit the Country within 20 years or so anyway,so why bother to blow it up?

Let's just hope there are no more "hate crimes" like the suspicious fire at the mosque in Ontario, or the Muslim woman that was allegedly "roughed up" by two men in Toronto.

We Canadians lead the world in "nice" and top the field in "Naive". Let's keep it that way.


Dear Don:

I don't think they are thinking that many steps ahead. They see the things you list, and it causes them to despise us more.

Hermes Liberty

Canadians should hold Justin Trudeau personally responsible when (not *if) there is another ideologically-driven Muslim act of violence in Canada - whether it is a rape of one woman or a bomb that kills a dozen.

I suggest dispossessing him of his position, property, pension and exiling him to Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan.

I am certain that among 25,000+ Syrian migrants who are not legitimate refugees and maybe not even from Syria (especially as Trudeau`s civil service did not favour Yezidi and Christians) there will be several criminal acts in accord with the ideology of political Islam. The habitual practice of jihad is sanctioned by the Koran, Hadith and Sira. Common sense, current events, world history, scripture (theirs), doctrine (theirs) and the example of Islam's founder suggest to me that within 16 months (i.e. August 2017) there will be at least one (more likely two) medium-size public military style attacks, similar to Brussels and Paris, just smaller scale. Likely targets in Vancouver are Skyrain, Seabus and any sporting event downtown. If disaster betting was legal I would place my money on 20 dead and 50 wounded in one or two incidents by January 2017. Mark my words.

This is not a prediction. I have no psychic abilities. This is seeing clearly and taking ISIS's own warning seriously.

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