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November 17, 2015


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It is also a good term because it connects them to the Nazi Fascists of the Second World War. A bad connection for our friends, but it is the sort of term the Islamofascists are likely accept for themselves, since they would not consider it an insult.

Stephen Bloom

I like your discussion but feel the use of the term fascists gives the leftist murderers of history a pass. Why must it be Islamofascists and not Islamocommunists? Or Islamomaoists or Islamotrotskyites? If it is merely to do with authoritarianism, then why not Islamoautocrats or some such?

old white guy

the problem was, is, and continues to be islam. not some radical form of islam, just islam. islam teaches just what the jihadis are doing. there is no ism here, just islam.


Stephan - Fascism IS a leftist ideology. The greatest fraud perpetrated on the modern world is that the 5th column left have rewritten history with fascism as a right wing ideology.

Fascism and Communist/socialism are not opposites but 2 branches of a common ideology.

Hitler and Stalin were bosom compatriots on the national socialist values - control of capitalists by the state and restriction of the flow of people, products and ideologies over their national borders.

'I am a Socialist,' Hitler told Otto Strasser in 1930, 'and a very different kind of Socialist from your rich friend, Count Reventlow'.


Cincinnatus, I understand the thrust of your article; to differentiate so that our military can determine 'friends' and 'enemies' in this conflict. Maybe we NEED to do this, but unfortunately it is at least partially false.
A growing body of research shows that the difference between (to use your term) IslamoFascists and other Muslims is only one of method. Both support Sharia. Both require Islam to rule the world (Dar-el-Harb and all that). Both require what the Hadiths and the Koran require. The difference is only one of method.
Some Muslims do not believe in the need to make Islam the most powerful force in the world, true. But every study, every poll shows that these people are in the minority. Indeed, many of the sects that support this view are considered apostates by mainline Sunni and Shia. As soon as Islam is ascendant in the world, these types can bank on being put to death for apostacy, as the Koran demands.
We aren't really talking about just a military conflict here; we're talking about a clash of cultures. We aren't really fighting either - and we won't, until we are forced to honesty.


It's best to know why you are fighting before who it is you must fight.

ISIS/al-Qa'ida are creations of western covert foreign policy come home to roost.

BTW Cinci, thanks for the link to Jeff Copper's commentaries,


Pootz, I strongly disagree. First off, you have zero proof. Second, creating a power vacuum (early exit from Iraq by Obama) does not create a murderous idealogy - the murderous idealogy takes advantage of a power vacuum. Third, al-Qaeda and ISIS tell us what motivates them - kill the infidel/religion. They tell us this every chance we get, and still people try to blame themselves.
That kind of thinking contributes to our inability to properly respond.

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