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November 24, 2015


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Stephen Bloom

I agree with you that this is a long war. I would characterize it as a world-wide counter-insurgency fought against Islamists. The size of the co-religionist population in any given country will determine their ability to function without detection. I would also add that ISIL is just one of the alphabet of groupings worldwide that we face. Their common identity is fanatical adherence to the tenets of Islam.


Well thought out Cinci, and I agree with you.

Problem is this war is already lost because it is now impossible to contain international operatives with the current administration and immigration policy. There will be enough terror operatives here to essentially put domestic Canada and its civilian population in a second theater of war operations (whether we want it or not).

There is only one man (Child) to blame for that


I'll agree with Pootz to a degree, but it will be a short lived victory.
In Europe there is a tendency to isolate immigrants of colour. In North America, we try to assimilate them. It isn't a perfect process, but in almost all cases, the second generation will be well adjusted to be Canadians. Thus I would suggest that, barring a larger mass migration, we should survive the current problems.

On the other hand, it would seem to me that this would also be a prudent time to encourage increased immigration of German, Swedish, Dutch and Europeans in general, who may be trying to free themselves from the imminent collapse of Christian Europe. These would be "refugees" that would require almost no financial support. They could bring high skills and job creating business experience to Canada, and it could be done in addition to the Middle East refugees.

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