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February 24, 2016


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Interesting take, certainly here in Canada tax cuts have lost their appeal although I think the main thing that drove to begin with as our tax rates were uncompetitive driving away talent and business whereas today that is less the case (although Trudeau's tax hike on the rich and the same at the provincial level, could create another brain drain). Also I think the whole income inequality thing has unfortunately worked amongst many as many people are naturally envious of those who are more successful so it's good politics but bad policy to attack the rich and big corporations.

In the US though I think it comes more to turnout and a handful of swing states as unlike Canada there are far fewer swing voters and the country as a whole is very polarized so get out the vote is more important there whereas here it is more about winning the battle of ideas which the left has unfortunately been quite successful at in the past few years but with mostly left leaning governments coast to coast that could change as people see their policies aren't as good as advertised.

old white guy

monkey, it has been my experience that Canadians have never met a tax hike that would not pay. old white guy.

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