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July 07, 2017


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Miles Lunn

Alpha male is Putin who even for those who don't like him is a strong leader. Trump is the sissy who likes to pretend he is tough but acts like a five year old when he cannot get his way. I don't think in Russia he is liked because people like his policies, they like him as they see him as a useful idiot they can take advantage of. Of all US politicians I would say John McCain is most hated in Russia so it's not totally along partisan linesm


I don't think Putin is as liked in Russia as it seems in the West. Dictatorships are good at sweeping things under the carpet.But they can't hide everything. Look at all the recent anti-corruption demonstrations in Russia.

Demonstrations are more meaningful in places like that. Going to the streets is not just a fashion statement for the cause-of-the-month clubbers. There are real consequences for demonstrating.


After seeing this, a friend commented that Trump is too stupid to even realize that he was the betaboi in this encounter.

Miles Lunn

I am actually visiting Russia now, doing the Trans-Siberian railroad and from the few I've talked to (note unlike Estonia not many even the young speak English in Russia) it seems their media spreads a lot of lies and propaganda, although I am sure many who do check outside sources probably don't like him. Otherwise as biased as our media may be, it pales in comparison to Russia.

As for travelling here, my goal is to visit every country in the world before I die, so I am now at #49 still around 150 to go.


Hi Miles:

Young Estonians speak English because Estonia is an outward looking country that wants to engage positively in the world. Young Russians don't speak Russians (or if they do, they leave) because Russia is a paranoid, inward looking country, obsessed by its historical demons. A negative attitude that the corrupt oligarchy in charge does its best to stoke.

Russia has a great deal of potential but that potential will remain unrealized as long as Russians are willing to put up with cruelty and brutality in order to receive poverty and inefficiency.

Your comments on the Russian media are incisive. Media bias is a very real and disturbing phenomenon in the West, but it is several orders of magnitude worse in corrupt dictatorships.


Is this humor or political commentary?


Can't it be both?


Certainly. As satire, it's kinda funny. As political commentary I have a significant disagreement with the theme.


So what?


Well, this blog is about political discourse and debate, correct? I haven't seen behavior that would indicate that Trump is a beta male. I've seen think skinned behavior, I've seen boorish behavior, but I don't believe I've seen beta-type behavior. The post posits beta male behavior - and it seems to miss the mark to me.
Kinda like making fun of Bill Clinton because he's so puritanical and sexually uptight. It might be funny but it misses the mark.


OK, now you are making a substantive argument. That is something that can be tackled on its merits.

If you just express a disagreement without saying why, nobody cares.


Ahhh, I get it now, my apologies. That was not my intention.

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