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October 17, 2008


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Ok! I am not the only one who thinks that the Conservative war room types ought to drawn and quartered!

Considering how large the war chest was supposed to be, the ads were boring and predictable.

To the directors of the campaign.......


Gerry Nicholls

The Tories need to revamp their communications strategy, package their ideas better.


Oddly enough, polling of Canadians in the recent past, has shown most Canadians to be quite conservative. Our leaders are just too timid to actually BE conservative.

Same problem down south. At least McCain is finally starting to get that this is true -even more so in the US.

Karol Karolak

There is no point of wasting all your good amunition on people like Dion. The way it stands now with Harper's virtual majority and not absolute majority is the best possible outcome of an election. This way he can still share with opposition parties blame for all unpopular decisions that will have to made.
He can also prove it to them that unification of the left is not possible in practice.

If it happens that some bright and inteligent people got elected on Liberal, NDP or Block tickets Harper will be in position to convince them to cross the floor.

None of that would be possible if Harper were to win absolute majority.

Besides we want Liberals to keep alive their delusion that they are the natural governing party of Canada it will keep them squabling and scheming for few more years instead of cleaning up their act.
Just lay back, watch the show and relax.
Next week you will see Dion step down, vultures move in and rats resume their race.

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