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June 03, 2009


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A nonny Mouse

I think it's interesting that you think the dead beat Dads are the real problem. What about the Mamma who can't think with anything but their nether regions? What it's so hard to figure out? He has knocked up 8 9 or 10 other women and doesn't support those kids? But for your special as* he will be different?

Come one, these women don't have a brain cell to rub between them...


It takes two to tango, and with HIV/AIDS rampant in the black community, you would think the women would have had a little more sense.

Colour me unsurprised on absent black daddies and their baby mamas.


The women who had kids with this father-of the-year are pretty stupid. If you read the story, you'll see that they knew he had other kids with other women - how much brainpower does it take to realize that, if lover-boy makes only minimum wage and has lots of other kids to support, you will never be able to get any child support out of him?

C. R Jones

You know I kind of like the DNA test part, it sounds like "No Fault" Auto Insurance. Were it so easy. Not so sure about the $250 as it would become the defacto "floor" payment. crj

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