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August 07, 2009


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I had seen your original post here at BT yesterday and then happened to see the distorted version at the Leftist blogger's site this morning. Your item was not racist at all, not in the least.

It is truly disgusting what the people involved in that progressive blog do on a daily basis to vilify other bloggers.


I clicked on the link to Canadian Cynic and after reading his blog I was left with the clear impression that you were playing fast and loose with the word 'nigger'.
If I had left it at that I would have had a very low opinion of you but I clicked on your link to read the whole story and hope that the comment was taken out of context.
Surprise, there was no such comment despite CC's implication of such when he wrote "continued Cincinnatus" which clearly attributed the remarks to you.

I'm not a lawyer but I'd say that he did indeed slander you in a very malicious way.


If you were Kinsella you'd have already served him with court papers. And maybe CC does need a bit of a legal bitchslap to knock some sense into him....


You actually took the time to acknowledge those pathetic trolls? You should do what I do, and ignore them - they thrive on the attention like a misbehaving youngster.

They are beneath the dirt we walk on and I refuse to even acknowledge them because of it. That's also why I'm not signing my handle here, because I am sure they would see it and get some twisted satisfaction from it.

Mike Downtown

You have been slandered. This person alleges that you made racist remarks that you did not make. Also, this blogger didn't stop to think: if this poster were of Bill Clinton as the joker during his tenure as president, would Cincinnatus have published it? Absolutely yes. The lefty blogger made it about race, not Cincinnatus.

Jonathon Narvey

Not really surprising at all, C. He threw the racist card at me in the blog post right before yours. This person seems seriously deranged.


If you're enough of a dumbass not to realize that the picture looks suspiciously like this one:


then you deserve to be made fun of. Seriously dude, of all the fictional characters they could have associated with Obama, why do you suppose that the one chosen is the one that so closely matches a racist caricature of blacks? Jesus lord murphy you are dense.



You must have race on your mind.

The post had nothing whatsoever to do with race. No post that the Cincinnatus has ever made while I have been monitoring this blog, has ever expressed bigotry. You must be projecting your own racism, just as liberals have always done.


Dear Mr. Philosoraptor (or perhaps you prefer to be addessed as ‘dude’):

Being no doubt made of a lower density material than myself (like, say, Styrofoam), I am surprised that you misunderstand my real beef with Canadian Cynic. Please put aside the folksy histrionics for a moment and reread my post. I think it should be obvious from my article that my ‘problem’ is not whether some left-wing blogger marinated in racial politics has some ‘fun’ at my expense. I really don’t give a tinker’s damn what he says or thinks as long he refrains from lying about me. But I guess the connection between my approval of the Obama-joker poster and racism was so obvious that Canadian Cynic was obliged to make up a phoney racist quote to prove it. By phoney quote, I mean that he invented some inflammatory rhetoric, added quotation marks around it, and then attributed his words falsely to me. That is what I am mad about.

Patrick Ross

Someone wanting badly enough to see a similarity between the Obama Joker (which personally I actually think of as incredibly lame) and the Jim Crow pic will see it.

It's interesting that Robert Peter John Day didn't use that to justify his fallacious claim, yet this Philosoraptor individual insists it would justify him.

My advice to this Philosoraptor individual would be to allow Mr Day to justify his own libelous comments -- which he has a long history of, of which he is (somehow) oddly proud.


How the heck do you slander or libel a pseudonymous persona? Good luck with that.

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