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September 10, 2009


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Does that mean the Conservatives would also support doing away with the 50% to 75% subsidy on private donations?

Because all parties, the Tories included, receive the vast majority of their funding from taxpayers.


oh please - let the hounds loose, and withdraw the political subsidies - the main beneficeries being the bloc, and lazy liberals - the party of toronto, and the seperatists should pay for their propaganda


actually Eric, the CPC raises well over 12 million annually from personal and private donations that come in under the Liberal funding law maximum allowed individual donation limits...

if there are 35 million people in Canada and they all donated $10 to the party they want to support then that's $350 million dollars to go around... Makes more sense to most people outside of Quebec who are tired of our National Tax dollars fund a patry who's sole purpose is to see Quebec seperate...

But I digress...I think rather than eliminate it a 50% cut wiould be more realistic and is essentially something no reasonable person could argue against

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