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September 24, 2009


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Let's get real. They are targeting the 'low-hanging fruit' - the easily identified, generally law-abiding and non-violent folk. That way they'll get high stats and low risk.


Looks like we will finally get rid of him. Lets pray Smitherman isn't our next Mayor.


Please stop advertising your bullshit.


Please see Mr. Annoyed's comments above. He is a great example of today's tolerant liberal, the kind of person for whom "diversity of thought" isn't just a slogan but a way of life.


The result of Miller's approach is safe cities like New York and Chicago -both of which are bastions of the left wing brain trust.
Teach everyone that there is no responsibility for their actions young enough, make group rights and a victim mentality the norm and Torontonians too can huddle in their homes living in fear.
Congratulaions Toronto you are well on your way.

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