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October 07, 2009


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Giving police the authority to pull drivers over for no reason and to demand a breathalyzer is just plain wrong. I don't think a law such as this will stand up under close scrutiny.
Our Justice Minister has too close a relationship with MADD, recently receiving a Citizen of Distinction Award at their national confrence.
The police wear MADD traffic vests during stop-checks.
I agree that MADD is far too over-zealous preaching zero-tolerence in all aspects of life where the operation of a motorized vehicle is concerned. Boats, Ski Doos, snowmobiles. The gamut.
Even trespassing on railway property.
We're creeping back toward prohibition here and they must be stopped.


Here's the other thing. With all the spot checks, education, propaganda and harassment, there are still car accidents. The real problem is that you can never prevent car accidents. Making errors is a natural thing that humans do. We do it whether we have been drinking or not. By buying into the premise that drinking is the predominant cause of accidents, society has crippled itself into thinking that car accidents can be prevented by ever more draconian laws.

The truth is that spot checks have done all they are going to do. If you prohibited alcohol, it may do a little more, but probably not much.

The most useful thing would be to build bigger, safer cars, but that would be politically incorrect.

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