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February 05, 2010


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Simply look at what each group does for a living. It's pretty hard to accept technology when all you do at work every day is shuffle papers, or create "art".

The people who actually have to build and maintain industry and the infrastructure live with the reality of real life problems and have to invent the technology to make any given task easier.

When you have equipment to maintain, every improvement becomes something to celebrate as it makes YOUR life easier.

When you sit behind a desk and theorize all day, you don't appreciate technology as much as the guy whose immediate job is made easier and more efficient.

As for tolerating this state of affairs, what else can you do in these genteel times? Two hundred years ago we would have left the "antis" to starve, but today they cluster together in enclaves called Toronto and Montreal and New York and carry a lot of political weight.

Most of today's environmentalists, who decry any technology, would be slaves in a less advanced society, or dead.

In the real world they envision,where one lives in perfect harmony with Mother Nature, you have to be able to work hard and do cruel things, like shoot moose,and slaughter cattle, to survive.

Paul Watson would be a beggar or thief.


This ties in with the popular music, which went from "love" to "anger and hatred". It also parallels the change in car colours from looking like a selection of bright jujubes to the modern, camouflage-with-the-road grey.

Hey! Maybe one day we will look back and laugh at the current movies because of the depressingly grey cars, just as we now enjoy photos and slides from the 50's to see the colourful street scenes, or collect or go to classic car shows.

People won't want to keep hearing depressing stuff. I'm optimistic that a positive change is in the works, as these "antis" are shown to be frauds (climategate anyone).

real conservative

I have been thinking for some time now that mankind needs to allow for separate cultures that can flourish and develop independently which adopt new and radical ways to evolve. These cultures should not be under the thumb of dictators or an over arching control system but exist to explore potential. Of course globalism and the UN would not allow such even though these places may save us in future from ourselves.


real conservative, you're right!

That place used to be the USA. You have captured the essence of the Declaration of Independence in one paragraph.


Hi real conservative.

You have a good idea. It should however be noted that this is how federalism was intended to work, both in the US and Canada. If, say, California or Quebec wanted to do something one way, then fine. If Texas or Alberta wanted to do it a different way than that was fine too. Live and let live.

But this is not good enough for the left-wing centralist who isn't content until he controls everything. I don't think it was an accident that the separatist movement started up in Quebec soon after the centralist Pierre Trudeau came to power in Ottawa.

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