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March 22, 2010


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Grumpy Old Man

In my humble opinion... Obama is an ass! He should be pouring dollars into space flight with an eye to developing a self sustaining population on the moon, Mars, or 'somewhere'. Consider it as an 'ark'. Let's have three or four or more. Why?
How many times has the earth been hit by a large meteor? How many times has this destroyed the ecology and wiped out a dominant species? Met any dinosaurs lately?
And... we are overdue for another strike. With all our eggs in one basket still.
Think about it.


I am in complete agreement. Obama may have inadvertently saved the American space program from what has become its worst enemy: the US government. Bureaucracies - and that's what NASA has devolved into - do not innovate. Private industry does, or dies trying. Right now, space access is in desperate need of innovation.


The only problem is that we may not have the chance to see this happen. Obama's next target will be the military. He is going to need all those billions to pay for his trillion dollar health plan. Then the barbarians, already throwing rocks at the gates, will seize their opportunity and lop the heads off of all those rocket scientist infidels.

Better start growing that beard.

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