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April 30, 2010


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And just when will the beneficiaries of the state's largesse see the light and vote themselves less money? There is no better example of entrenched entitlement than Native Indians who despair in their dependency but won't take the simple step of getting off the rez. What will it take, a revolution - a Pinochet?

Powell Lucas

How true. I'm in the middle of a series of courses on the Middle Ages and the period known as Late Antiquity (from around the time of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire until 500 A.D.) is a perfect template for what is occurring today. The Romans, grown fat and lazy on state handouts would no longer fill the needs of the military and the various other functions of the state so the Roman hierarchy recruited from the very tribes that were threatening their borders. These tribes provided the cheap labour and willing bodies to fill all the roles the Romans had abandoned. Eventually the barbarian influence in Roman society became so great that the entire social structure collapsed. The same thing is happening today in the western democracies. Our lifestyle is on the way out.
As an adjunct to this we see what is taking place in Arizona. Identity papers being checked!! This is an affront to everything the U.S. is supposed to stand for. However, since all the so-called progressives can do is demonstrate against these restrictions while not offering any other practical solutions the state has a choice: impose laws that go against everything they believe in or be swamped by illegal aliens and who bring their drug wars and entitlements with them. If all the protesters would direct their energies toward helping Arizona resolve this mess, rather than just whining and sniveling, perhaps a more reasonable solution might be arrived at. Until they get of their cushy, statist butts and do something to help...then they better learn to live with it.


Hey! In Chinese, "crisis" and "opportunity" are the same word.

The European socialist collapse could just as easily shake Europe in the direction of conservative restraint – where else can they go? Will the immigrants want to stay in a country that no longer gives them free money?

At the same time, it could put the fear of collapse into Americans, who, up until recently were sleepwalking into the same trap.

I'm an optimist. Maybe we just have to bust a few eggs before we can make an omelet. First egg, Greece.

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