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July 29, 2010


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real conservative

Tory is a liberal in everything but name and you called him out as a traitor against conservatives. That is his job to screw us over whenever he can for his Rosedale/Forest Hill handlers. But there are conservatives and other CITIZENS that are wise to this joker.


Dittos. John Tory is now keeping every conservative on the edge of their seats, worried that he is about to scuttle Ford's campaign. Meanwhile, Smitherman Supporters are also excited by the possibility that Tory will rescue their failing campaign. I now detest Tory.


Someone please tell Tory he is not wanted anywhere. He is a walking disaster and if he runs will ensure Smitherman wins.

Kinsella must be licking his chops at the prospect of Tory running.


The only thing conservative about this guy is his last name.

He is a liability to the conservative movement, a Neville Chamberlain in the war against the idiocy of the socialists and nanny-staters.

Go Away!

real conservative

How will Tory defeat Ford though? I mean few people in Metro are conservative supporters and Tory and Smitherman are pretty much interchangeable I'd say. Ford can still win because he will pick up any right wing vote as well as many in the centre as well as the large 'disaffected' voter that now is a significant percentage of the electorate in the city.

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