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October 04, 2010


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strong conservative

Do you believe polygamny should be legal too? Just asking, I mean you can use your argument to justify that as well.

I have no problem with the govt enforcing a moral code. Our entire legal system is a moral code on what our society believes is ok and what it punishes. Prostitution is no different, and I believe it should be made a criminal offense because of the social costs that surround it.


One of the reasons the government spends so much money is that we keep asking them to do things.

Trying to stop prostitution is like trying to corral fleas. It can't be done. The same thing applies to drugs, driving after a beer, not coming to a full stop at the 4 way stop and about a thousand other impossible things we ask our police to do before breakfast.

Legalizing prostitution (and all those other things) will allow municipal governments to cut police budgets, without making anybody less safe.

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