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October 12, 2010


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Mary T

Oh Oh, the guy has been arrested again. Will he testify against his victim again. Why did the police arrest him if they just plan to let him go. Could it be to get more money for some legal aid lawyer.

real conservative

Cops and courts are only trying to protect their high paying monopoly of serving the crime industry. People like Chen are not a threat to the social order or to you or me but to the well paid pigs of the system that are supposed to do the job he did for free. Hypocrites.


My blood nearly boiled, too,when I heard of this case!

Chen IS the kind of immigrant this Country needs. Let's hope he isn't so discouraged by this injustice he moves to another Country.

Vigilantism is becoming more necessary as police won't show up half the time,or take too long getting to the scene.

I know it isn't "Canadian", but if the Law won't do the job, the people will have no choice.

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