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October 27, 2010


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real conservative

Ford has definite leadership qualities which many of his supporters, staff and volunteers can attest to. This guy could be in politics a long time. (real conservative)


I was impressed as he stayed on message and exposed how the "others" disqualified themselves by the tirades and slurs, people just might have voted for the person the disliked the least.....but in the end it was Ford who won on Monday night.
The Leafs know that a win during a bad game is still a win,so Rob has 4 years to show what he can do.


Maybe this is a sign that he will also govern from the right, rather than shift to the middle (as so many failed conservatives have done in the past).

George Smith

In appealing to voters, another important campaign rule is often forgotten. A candidate doesn't have to get a 100% approval from potential voters. I don't approve of many things conservative candidates espouse. However, I do have to agree with "most" of a candidate's platform ... and I can agree to not worry about some tangential things in his/her past.

If I were an American male, would I vote for Sarah Palin? On balance ... and compared to Obama? In a heartbeat ... even though I don't agree right down the line with her.

All the so-called professional elites do is ensure their fee structure.


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