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February 24, 2011


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Powell Lucas

It really tees me off when I think back to my youth when I had to wine 'em and dine 'em. Where was all this when I was a young guy? I wouldn't have had to work; if my latest love interest was no longer able to support me in the style to which I wished to become accustomed, I could simply pack up and leave; i could have lived a life with no responsibilities. Where was the feminist movement when I needed it, and why were all us guys so stupid as not to have encouraged it sooner?


your bang on in your assessment there Cinncinatus.
i am irritated to no end when i hear some loser with a lib arts degree or social science bachelor telling us how society should work rather than just leaving us all alone and letting society be.
these people create policies to fix the previous policy and when that one fails they attempt to fix it again. they never think of taking away these policies and letting natural law reassert itself. the family is not free and that is why its in trouble.

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