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February 28, 2011


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Old Ari

I you sure that female circumcision is legal in the US? In britain parents ship out their daughters to Africa for the procedure as it is illegal in Britain.


Not sure if it is legal. My question isn't rhetorical.

However, a few months ago there was a media kerfuffle about the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) endorsing 'genital nicking'. After the brouhaha, the AAP backed down, but my general impression was that 'genital nicking' (i.e. a watered-down variant of female castration, but how watered-down I am not sure) is indeed was legal in the US. Here is article about this topic I got via google:



In Africa, male circumcision is being seriously promoted in some countries to help combat AIDS.

Old Ari

So I was wrong. Sorry, carry on with your campaign by all means.


Non-therapeutic female genital cutting on minors is already illegal in California, as well as under the federal Anti-FGM Act. The laws include genital nicking. The proposed law in SF would merely bring the city to a level of equal protection for boys in that city.

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