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March 01, 2011


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It would be interesting to hear from the "authorities" exactly WHAT they want you to do when confronted with a situation as the Thompson case.

I suppose the government/police want you to call 9-11, but in many cases it could take an hour or more before they respond.It looks like you ARE supposed to allow yourself to be killed,secure in the knowledge that the full weight of Canadian justice will bear down on the perpetrators.

Unless they have a good lawyer,in which case a plea of manslaughter, and a claim the perp thought the house was uninhabited,should result in at least three years in a Corrections facility.

Meanwhile,you'll be permanently dead.

I hope complacent Canadians will get the hell out and attend the rally for Thompson,as nothing gets politicians attention like a few thousand pissed off voters.


Ever seen the thief warning sign "we don't call police" with pistol on it?

If this had happened to me I'm not sure I would have called police. Look what happened. Stories like this ruin the police monopoly on violence, not strengthen it. We are on our own in a leftist police state.

Steven Fraser

This case is illustrative of how police forces and Crown prosecutors view law-abiding firearms owners. All of us are watching this one closely, and many have contributed to Ian Thomson's legal fund.
Small correction- the rally is not being put on by the CSSA, it's being organized by Mr. Thomson's lawyer Ed Burlew.
Anything less than total exoneration of Mr. Thomson, with all his legal expenses reimbursed by the Crown, will be seen as a massive slap in the face and a miscarraige of justice. Far from being charged, Mr. Thomas should have been given a medal for restraint: his attempted murderers should have been shot dead rather than being given warning shots.


All I ever hear about this is the words "the crown" or "the police" or "the prosecutors".

Maybe we should hear some NAMES as well as office phone numbers and e-mail addresses.


Security of person is the most fundamental right and leads to all others.

It is hard to speak out if you are just about to be attacked for doing so.

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