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May 09, 2011


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"So when times are good, splitting the difference Median-Voter-Theorem-style works. But when the seas get choppy, you better have an answer that isn’t a weasely half-measure."

That just about sums up what happen in the last election.Being all over the map on issues doesnt help a candidate win when times get tough.

Sixth Estate

I think the most unfortunate effect about this criticism (which is really good) is that someone like Flanagan doesn't agree with it.

Not that Flanagan is really among the intellectual elite of the country, in my opinion, but it is probably an indication that other political strategists believe, like him, that the only feasible political strategy is a race to the middle.

If there are only two political parties and they are effectively interchangeable, then despite all the histrionics they can summon, electoral politics will be effectively dead. The heat death of democracy.


Where this ideology thing breaks down is in motivations, not ideas.
The bulk of the population is motivated by greed, fear, empathy etc. Moderates don't actually exist, they don't sit down and reason some perfect middle of the road ideology based on balance.
In truth there are only two ideologies one is Liberty and the other is Feudalism. Socialism, communism, paternalism, one world nonsense, fascists and national socialists are all actually Feudalists in which the kings and queens are renamed party secretaries and commissars. The lords, dukes, knights have become apparatchik or even union bosses.
Liberty is self evident.
The biggest mover in the "moderates" is fear and as soon as we work in that regard the sooner we clean up the mess.

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