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July 21, 2011


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They are not bailing out Greece they are bailing out their own banks. The German, French and other big banks are the creditors of the Greek debt and guarantors of the CDS swaps. If Greece goes down so do they. That is the only reason they care about Greece.



old white guy

let them all collapse. they will have to struggle for awhile but they will survive. maybe they will learn that they have to work for their daily bread.


I think people need to see how bad the greece problem is because back in the mid 70's it was exposed that the Liberals were letting Greeks in canada collect a Military pension as a Ally fighting the Nazis.
But the sad part of this was that the Greek men that collected this money and sat in cafe's enjoying canada were far too young to have been alive in WW2, some were only about 4-8 years olds in 1945.
Trudeau and his buddies wanted votes in the minority areas and never terminated this scam,so I'm not shocked that Greece has a population of men that want the State to support them while yound and then retire at 55 and collect pension for 30-40 years in Greece.
Why do you think we have such a bogus refugee problem or got stuck paying $85 million to rescue 14'000 lebanese muslims only to see 9'000 return to support Hizballah
and used their canadian Passport once they got in trouble when Hizballah started a war.

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