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July 14, 2011


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Good essay, but America had better be prepared for the Mexicanization of the Country.

There ARE no "good" jobs to fit the liberal mentality that can provide employment for the millions who need them. Many of the menial jobs found in big factories went overseas where the companies aren't strangled by regulation. They aren't going to be replaced by "green" jobs or anything else.

"The poor will always be with us". Too true,and with the short sightedness of international trade policy,we're going to be gifted with a lot more of them.

Perhaps if Obama wins a second term, someone will suggest getting the inner city kids out to work on collective farms,where they can breathe fresh air and know the enjoyment of earning their keep through honest toil.

And,YES,I'm being sarcastic!


I do not buy this argument. We need to get back to sweatshops, paint booths with no ventilation, asbestos workers, illegal fireworks factories and the likes? Milton Friedman, the great economist, while in China was presented with a large public works project. He was surprised on the amount of shovel work being done and the lack of heavy equipment. When he asked about it, he was told that using shovels created more jobs. He replied, "Why not use teaspoons then?"
The new stinky jobs are in the service industry. Minimum wage jobs, cooking, cleaning and waiting on customers. They're hard work and not much fun. As for climbing, technology will save us, not sweatshops.

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