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February 08, 2012


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Transit lanes are arguably a more efficient use of road space than a general traffic lane. The throughput of people is much greater, given a two-LRT train could carry as many as 400 people. With auto occupancy rates in Toronto averaging around 1.1 persons per vehicle, that's over 350 fewer vehicles on the road, which would occupy much, much, more road space.


This is the most idiotic thing that has ever come out of Toronto City Council. Mayor Ford won the election based primarily with his opposition to streetcars. This vote is an attack on the people by the "elites".

Ford should force an unscheduled election to be fought on this issue (if that is still allowed). Lets see how many of those councillors who voted down subways will get reelected.


Hi Jeff:

The flaw in your reasoning is that the passengers that will be carried by the LRT are now carried by buses. As the LRT will monopolize 3 to 4 lanes of traffic (look at St Clair West), this means that the same amount of passenger car traffic will be squeezed onto much narrower roads. And these roads are already at maximum capacity now.

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Toronto really needs this subway connection and many more just like it," said Ford, who favours subway expansion in Toronto.

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