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February 09, 2012


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Might be interesting checking out problems in Calgary and Edmonton - they both have LRT.


Might be, Francis.

Not sure how relevant their experiences would be. Do they have similar passenger car and transit rider volume to contend with? And were their LRT lines built over existing roadways that were already clogged with cars?

Not criticizing you. I just don't know. Anybody who does, kindly please inform us.


It was 25 years ago, but when I lived in Edmonton the entire system was built on dedicated rights-of-way and the downtown section was all underground - basically a subway in LRT clothes.

They had an entire shopping mall underground and it was easily possible to live, work and play in the core of the city without venturing outdoors...


Hi Fred:

Thanks for the info.

Well, Toronto's got all that as well: a good subway system and a network of underground malls under all the skyscrapers downtown. And it is possible to live underground without venturing outdoors. Many people do. But that only takes care of about 1/2 million people at most. The rest of the 4 million people have to fend for themselves above ground.

It should be noted to non-Torontonians that the issue is not about building LRT's downtown. We already have a good underground subway system there, and there is no room for above ground trains. This is about the suburbs. And yes, they do need a subway - badly. They just don't need glorified streetcars clogging up their streets because a bunch of elitists downtown don't like cars.


It's time to realize that T.O. is the problem. It is Canada's problem.
Ontario's debt isn't because rural Ont. rose up and spent all the cash.
T.O. simply is sucking the life out of Ontario and Canada.


bmatkin - Toronto is also the engine that drives the rest of the country, so be careful when you express your irrational hatred.

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