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May 28, 2012


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don morris

Perhaps all the propaganda the Left has spewed against "the rich" has finally paid off,and young people are starting to realise that showbizzers are NOT "one of us", but filthy rich,selfish,unbelievably decadent poseurs.

Now,if they'll stay home,or do some nice wholesome rioting,instead of attending movies,the Rich and Famous may get brought down a few pegs,like they richly deserve.


I'd have to add though that there is pretty much a glut of "stars" now.

I mean you see some blurb from some show like Entertainment Tonight and there is this bleached blonde hostess breathlessly gushing "tonight we have the exclusive on ... Jane Blah blah!"

And you're left saying "Who in hell is that?".

I mean for pete's sake if you have 70 channels on your TV can you really keep a track on which Joe Studleybigchin or Suzie Hugeknockers is Hollywood's flavor of the week?


Some of the "kids" are "alright". We're all getting tired of those who are famous for being famous.

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