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June 18, 2012


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Nicola T.

It all started with reliable contraceptives and then the Playboy attitude that faithful family men were suckers.

Now it seems we have all turned into the character in Woody Allen's Manhatten where people can't think further ahead than a week. And the women have the emotional stability of Fitzgerald's mate Zelda.


Good read, thanks



Not sure what you mean by 'spiritual adultery.'
What you describe sounds like that and much more to me.

It's very politically incorrect but correct nonetheless, I believe,
to say that feminism has been one of the most destructive and disruptive social forces the world has ever known.

When the death of western civilization is chronicled
feminism will surely be identified as one of the key causes.

jens hansen

this email must be written by a frustrated man - and hey women can be sexually attractive well into their sixties and seventies

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