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June 11, 2012


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Or maybe men have just figured out that all the marriage and family laws in this country are vastly stacked against them and have decided not to play.

Nicola T.

Well if you have read Tom Wolfe's I Am Charlotte Simmons about life on campus you would see the young girls are still desperately trying to get a 'boyfriend' and will do anything to hang onto one.

I wonder if the Internet is also a prime cause of the malaise with all the porno so available.


Please, would ANY guy find Parland or Wente attractive?

Yes, I'm sure there are thousands of ads on e-harmony saying "Wanted, snotty, self righteous, opinionated bitch with a superiority complex".

Gee, no thanks.


I reluctantly read Parland's column out of curiosity. Normally I can't stand columnists of ANY political stripe so I don't bother. It wouldn't et me read Wente's. (No loss).

They make the usual, predictable mistake of believing that what is happening in their own isolated, snobbish, little circle is prevalent throughout society.

I got a kick out of the Globe's description of Wente as an award winning columnist. Give me a break! Awards for journalists are like trophies for kindergarten soccer players, EVERYBODY has one. There is no occupation that is more self congradulatory than journalism.

Award winning columnist? Oooooo how impressive!


HI Nicole:

By coincidence, I finished reading I am Charlotte Simmons a couple of weeks ago. One of the subthemes of the book is that while co-eds are desperate for boyfirends, they are only interested in alpha males.

Take Charlotte. She loses her virginity to a frat-house cad and she ends up with the star basketball player. In the meantime she has the opportunity to date the nerdy, left-wing student newspaper reporter, who is star-struck by Charlotte. At the end of the book, he is still a virgin.

Dan Mancuso

Gee, do you think this lack of attraction has anything to do with the Radical Feminism that has been shoved down our throats by the cultural elite and other socialists of that ilk. Being a Real Man I find it somewhat difficult to be attracted to a 'woman' who has a willingness to emasculate me without thought, thanks to the false sense of entitlement she has been programmed with by these selfsame Radical Feminists. Just because a woman has brains and ambition doesn't automatically disqualify her from being a Real Woman, it's mostly about attitude. Do I think women ought to be barefoot and pregnant, chained to a stove with their mouths sewn shut, mostly - no. But some of those strident and hysterical man-hating, family-hating, jack-booted Radical Feminist types - well it might do them good to be put in their place. I know it would do me good to see it. What these Radical Feminist types - both male and female - don't see or want to know, like the greenies (tree huggers and Peta-philes)and globalists, is who and what is really behind their so-called beliefs and what the real agenda is. Totalitarian Global Socialism (or Fascism). Lets take our country back, Lets all be Real Men and Real Women again. Lets all celebrate the differences between men and women.
Dan Mancuso

Joey zahn

The best and worst thing to happen to people is to get exactly want they want.

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