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July 11, 2012


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Screw them. I don't live in Toronto. If the morons who live there want to ban everything and let the civic government stick it's nose into every aspect of their lives that's their business.

Fine, let the Toronto gun stores close. Then maybe their owners will have the good sense to move somewhere else and take their money with them.


Viva la Toronto libre. Welcome to the new socialist state of Toronto.
Caution China and Russia this is a nuke free zone. Caution criminals, you can't buy ammo here.
Caution car drivers we will make your CO2 emitting life a living hell.
We are also introducing mandatory food stamps paid for by Alberta.

Jib Halyard

Actually, john, some of the "morons" living in Toronto are there out of necessity. Centre of Canadian commerce and all that. The problem is that the small majority of morons who inhabit the place seem to think it's OK to shove their own cultural preferences down everyone else's throat. It is well and truly a city of control freaks.
Back home in Alberta, we don't have bylaws forcing people to own shotguns, or to dress properly. I wish TO people would learn to respect other Canadians' values as well.

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