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July 23, 2012


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Idiot...this was not a "shoot-out". It was out and out mass murder.

Nicola Timmerman

Exactly. I don't see the media blaming the death-loving portrait of the Joker and the Hollywood exploitation of evil. For sure we should be against censorship, but more negative critiques of these types of films would be good.

For sure young people looking for values and inspiration won't get it from their leftist professors.


Hahahahaha! Funny!

Oh you're being serious?


Despite coming from a very different political place than you, I agree with a lot of what you have said about the difference between the Batman shootings and the Danzig St shootings. Clearly alienation plays a large role in spree killings, and I really think you've hit the nail on the head in describing that.

I have to disagree rather strongly with your proposed solutions for both kinds of killings, however. Firstly, you've made a massive assumption about the timing of the Danzig St killings. The fact that they occurred on a Monday night does not imply that the attendees at the barbecue were unemployed. It's entirely possible that the people hosting the party worked in the service industry, where the most intensive shifts are on weekends, and had Tuesday off. They might have been retired, or they might have been students. I don't know the actual answer to the question, and it seems neither do you, but the point is that not all working people work a standard 9 to 5, Monday to Friday work-week. Even if your assumption about welfare is the case, there's no reason to think that removing welfare will solve the problem. In an economic climate with so few jobs available, the elimination of welfare will likely just increase desperation and bring more violence.

As for the batman shootings and your prescription for religion and patriotism to fill the void, I think it's based on a rather flawed view of history. Excessive patriotism CAUSED the world wars, which were the greatest acts of violence our species has ever seen. The in-group identity you describe can be a powerful thing, but it doesn't necessarily act for good, and can be a strong motivation for both small-scale violence, as happened on Danzig St, and large-scale violence, as happened during half a century of conflict. Religion isn't much better. Over the past few decades alone, dozens of gay people have been murdered by the devout, sectarian strife has torn Northern Ireland apart, and religious fundamentalists in the Middle East have committed acts of state-sponsored terrorism that were inspired by their holy book.

As an agnostic who is shocked and appalled by the Batman shootings, I have to take exception to your suggestion that the problem would go away if people like me all adopted a belief in God. Surely there's a way for us to develop a sense of community and brotherhood without needing to resort to mandatory patriotic and religious fervor.

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