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July 19, 2012


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Blogs like this make me ashamed to be a conservative. Your narrow view is exactly why the so called leftists hate us, you do have some points but if you really believe in a perfect world no one enjoys any revelry on a Monday night because everyone works Tuesday morning then we should probably all the sports bars, movie theatres, and restaurants at 5pm on week days.


Hi Carl:

You will be relieved to know that I have occasionally gone to the pub on Monday evening for a pint or three with friends. The difference is that our evenings have not ended in bloodshed.

There are many reasons for this but one is that my friends and I are all gainfully employed and would probably lose our jobs if we were arrested for murder.


You convinced me, Im voting liberal next election.


If we get more of the same, don't blame me.



And we did!


In most cases, a gang fight would result in in one or more gang members being shot, and a short column below the fold.

What's happening now is a result of recent movies, where the fashion is to depict the thugs holding a pistol tilted on its' side. The result is very poor aim, and with repeated shots, the recoil sending the stray bullets to the side of the intended target, striking bystanders.

The solution is "gun control". We should teach youth in high school how to shoot a firearm properly so they only hit their target (another thug).

Oh! And Carl-there is nothing that can stop a lunatic from killing people, especially disarming law abiding citizens. ...and oh yes, you clearly were never a conservative.

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