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August 31, 2012


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Tall walking, sensible, mace carrying, karate experting, non whore dressing women get raped too. That's the point dumbass. It doesn't make sense to blame the victims.


Dear Jim:

Let me guess: you had a problem with reading comprehension at school.

Because it seems you completely missed the main point of my article, which is that there is a difference between assigning culpability and giving advice. I guess sentences like "nobody is talking about restricting the right of women to dress as they see fit" are a bit too complex for you to parse.

Here's a debating tip for you: debate the argument that was presented rather than the argument that you think was presented (or wish was presented).

And when it comes to safety tips, since when is a precaution practical only if it is 100% effective? People who wear seatbelts die in car crashes all the time, but in order to survive, prudent people do what they can to move the odds in their favour as much as possible.

Dollops - Eric Doll

Come on Cincinnatus, you made up Jim in order to underline the point of your piece. Good post, good comments.


Don't run into a busy street even at an intersection without being sure both ways.

Don't let strangers into your house particularly at night.

Lock your doors

Make sure your brakes work

Don't dress like a slut

Teach your kids to run from strangers offering them a ride.

It seems becoming a Liberal is checking common sense at the door.

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