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October 30, 2012


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Boorshnik Greesh

Well said. Back in the mid sixties when I came about, you could essentially eat what you wanted, have a smoke or a drink, and let common sense be your guide - there was no one screeching about your own personal behavior (maybe your mother). I'm into old cars, and wouldn't you know it, there are those working feverishly to eliminate that "scourge" as well, in the name of environmentalism. These days we may exist longer statistically, but that should not be confused with living.

Powell Lucas

All these one issue idiots: food-nazis, smoke-nazis, enviro-nazis, language-nazis, PETA-nazis, etc., etc. should be branded on the forehead with a warning that this person is dangerous to your health.


HI Boorshnik:

I hear you brother. I'm into old cars too.


How true! I concure with Powell and Boorshnik.

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